On the Money: Alpha Planning 101 With David and Brandon Domenick

David Domenick Jr.
and Brandon Domenick

Episode 16: The 60/40 Portfolio is Dead

For the past several decades, the 60/40 stock and bond split was the most popular and most advised investment portfolio.  However, in recent years, this cookie-cutter type portfolio just doesn’t work as well as it used to, and in fact, in our opinion, is dead.   In this episode, Dave & Brandon discuss examples and reasons…
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Episode 15: Market Volatility & Your Retirement

Given the current market volatility, this week’s discussion surrounds an article from Kiplinger on protecting your retirement from market declines.  Dave & Brandon examine the articles topics and talk through helpful strategies to mitigate risk during a market downturn.
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Episode 14: Women in Retirement

This episode focuses specifically on women in retirement, a community we feel is greatly underserved when it comes to retirement resources.  Dave & Brandon discuss stats & strategies that can help women gain more confidence as they enter their retirement phase.  Whether single, married, or widowed, it is important to be involved in planning for…
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Episode 13: Step 5 – Legacy Planning

As the last episode in our 5-Step Alpha Plan series, Dave & Brandon discuss Legacy Planning and the fundamentals around planning ways to help protect and maximize your estate as it’s passed down to loved ones.  Please keep in mind our advisors are not attorneys and the information provided is solely to explain the basic…
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Episode 12: Step 4 – Healthcare Planning

This week, our Medicare specialist, Joe Palimino joins the guys to discuss part 4 of the Alpha Plan: Healthcare Planning, and the importance of understanding and incorporating Medicare into your retirement plans.
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Episode 11: Step 3 – Tax Planning

This week, Dave & Brandon discuss one of the most underserved areas in financial planning and Step 3 of the Alpha Plan Process: Tax Planning.  Throughout this episode, they touch on tax diversification strategies that can help avoid overpaying on taxes in retirement.
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Episode 10: Step 2 – Investment Planning

As the guys walk you through the second step of our Alpha Plan Process, Investment Planning, you’ll learn why and how an investment plan is not a retirement plan, and how it works with the other steps of the overall retirement process.
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Episode 9: Step 1- Income Planning

Over the next 5 episodes, the guys will take you through our 5-Step Alpha Plan process we use to help clients plan for successful retirement.   This episode focuses on Step 1 – Income Planning.
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Episode 8: Q&A Session

Dave & Brandon provide answers to recent and commonly asked questions received from prospects & clients.
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Episode 7: Myth busting the 4% Rule

This week, the guys elaborate on an article from Kiplinger discussing issues around the popular 4% Rule in retirement.
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